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Step 1: Provide your Engine Serial Number (Very Important!)

Engine Serials are located near the mounting bracket of your engine; the serial # is an eight-digit code, e.g. 0P1535**, 0C1520**, 1B3552**

Step 2: Provide information about your part.
Indicate what section of the engine your part is from.
If possible, bring your part in or email us a picture of your part.

Step 3: Refer to Mercury Parts Catalogue
Once we have determined your part number, we can reference the Mercury Parts Catalogue to ensure that your part is currently available, superseded (part # may have change or product updated) or if the part is no longer available (NLA).

Step 4: Request Price, Order On-hand vs. Special Order
Once your part number is available we can check whether it is in our store inventory, or if it needs to be special ordered.
Special Ordered parts can be paid for beforehand, however shipping charges will be applied at time of pickup.

Parts usually take a week or two to arrive, once ordered, but keep in mind that production and shipping has been severely impacted by COVID-19.
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